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Squan Beach Life Saving Station

Squan Beach Life Saving Station

(40.1175, -74.033889)

Ocean & 2nd Avenue
Manasquan, New Jersey

About Squan Beach Life Saving Station Museum

The Squan Beach Life Saving Station was established to respond to near-shore disasters. While residents were shuttering windows against hurricanes and wild northeasters, the station’s goal was to rescue victims and to protect property on shipwrecks off the Manasquan Coast. Squan Beach Life Saving Station was first constructed in 1855 and replaced in 1872. The present station was built in 1902. The “Duluth Type” Station was two stories high with a two-bay wide boat room, living quarters for crew, and separate living quarters for the keeper on the ground floor. Additional living quarters for crew and general storage on the second floor. In addition, the building was fitted with an observation tower rising four stories, getting an excellent view of the immediate offshore.

In its final form, the Squan Beach Life Saving Station No, 9 continued to serve in life-saving operations under the U.S> Life Saving Service until 1915 and the under the U.S. Coast Guard. In 1996 it was decommissioned and remained vacant until 2000 when the Borough of Manasquan purchased the property for $1 from the U.S. Government.

Since then, local volunteers and community groups have given many hours caring for the station, restoring where needed, obtaining grants and donations for its upkeep, and developing exhibits and presentations of programs on maritime history.