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Lighthouse Challenge of NJ

Lighthouse Challenge of NJ

The great challenge to attend and support all of our state's historic sentinals, a related museum, & life saving stations.

October 19th & 20th, 2019

Join us for our 20th Anniversary!


About the Challenge

The goal for participants of the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey is to visit (and hopefully climb) all of New Jersey’s maintained lighthouses to share in the joy and beauty of our beloved navigational aids which represent a rich nautical history and stand as a testament to a level of engineering and quality that withstands the test of time.

An interesting education is to be gained as the tour also includes a museum related to the lighthouses as well as life saving stations which served to rescue those who despite the navigational aid of the lighthouses still shipwrecked of off our coastlines.

You will enjoy touring the great state of New Jersey as you work to earn a souvenir at each tour site to show your efforts and accomplishment. Along the way you may even discover a new side of New Jersey as the lighthouses tend to be in less populated, coastal areas which still maintain the charm often lost in the more densely populated areas of our fine State.

In addition to the establishments located nearby many of the stops on your tour, Cape May Lighthouse & East Point Lighthouse will be featuring food trucks this year!

How To Participate

  1. Take a look at the lighthouses on a physical or digital map.
  2. Decide which lighthouse you would like to begin at.
  3. Plan a route from your starting lighthouse to each other lighthouse. Our directions may be helpful.
  4. Consider that your route may involve staying overnight somewhere based on which lighthouses you attend on the first day.
  5. On Saturday morning, go to your first lighthouse and be sure to pick up a souvenier penny booklet for $ 5.00. This can be obtained at any lighthouse; so you may start at whichever you like. Each lighthouse will have a custom crushed penny to contribute to your booklet in commemoration of your support. At the end of the challenge you will have a complete souvenir booklet to keep for having accomplished the Challenge!!
  6. Begin to travel to New Jersey's Lighthouses, a Museum, and Life Saving Stations to experience a living history of service and seafaring!
  7. Once you have attended all of the sites on the challenge, notify volunteers at your final site that you have accomplished the challenge and you'll be in the drawing for a prize worth $ 1,000.


† indicates night climbs on Saturday

Be sure to plan your trip so that you are able to experience a night climb!

Saturday Sunday
Site Hours Site Hours Fee to Climb? Restrictions? Restrooms? Food Nearby?
 Absecon 08a - 08p † 08a - 06p $10.00 Adult / $6.00 Child / $9.00 Senior &
Student / $5.00 AC Residents
None Yes (Handicap) Yes
 Barnegat 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested None Yes (Handicap) Nearby
 Cape May 08a - 08p † 08a - 06p $10.00 None Yes (Handicap) Nearby
 East Point 08a - 06p 08a - 06p $5.00 None Yes (Handicap) Yes
 Finn's Point 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested None No Nearby
 Squan Life Saving Station (New) 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested None Yes Yes
 Navesink Twins Donation Requested None Yes (Handicap) Nearby
  —North Tower 08a - 06p 08a - 06p
  —South Tower 09a - 06p 09a - 06p
 Sandy Hook 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested Under 48" Yes (Handicap) Nearby
 Sea Girt 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested None Yes Nearby
 Tinicum 07a - 08p † 07a - 06p Donation Requested Under 42" Yes (Handicap) Yes
 Tucker's Island 08a - 06p † 08a - 06p $3.00 None Yes (Handicap) Yes
 Tatham Life Saving Station 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested Handicap Accessible Yes (Handicap) Yes
 U.S. Station 30 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested None Unknown Nearby
 Barnegat Museum 08a - 06p 08a - 06p Donation Requested Handicap Accessible Yes Nearby

Recommended Food & Lodging

These locations will be open during the challenge.


J D Thompson Inn - B&B Inn @ Sea Oaks

The Mainland - Holiday Inn, Manahawkin

North Shore Inn; 806 Central Ave., Barnegat Light

Beach Walk, Sea Bright

Ocean Resort, Long Branch

The Grand Hotel & Hemingways Restaurant, Cape May

The Montreal Hotel & Harry’s Restaurant, Cape May

The Inn of Cape May & Alethea’s Restaurant, Cape May

La Mer Hotel, Cape May

Congress Hall & the Blue Pig Tavern, Cape May

Carroll Villa and the Mad Batter, Cape May


The Grapevine, Tuckerton

The Union market and Gallery @ the Seaport, Tuckerton

Daymark Bar & Restaurant, 404 Broadway, Barnegat Light

Kubel’s, 7th & Bayview Ave., Barnegat Light

Bahrs, Highlands

Off the Hook, Highlands

Tommy’s Tap and Tavern, Sea Bright