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    How To Participate
  1. Take a look at the lighthouse on a physical or digital map.
  2. Decide which lighthouse you would like to begin at.
  3. Plan a route from your starting lighthouse to each other lighthouse. Our directions may be helpful.
  4. Consider that your route may involve staying overnight somewhere based on which lighthouses you attend in the first day.
  5. On Saturday morning, go to your first lighthouse and be sure to pick up a challenge souvenier for $ 2.00 which will be presented at each lighthouse along the way. This can be obtained at any lighthouse; so you may start at whichever you like.
  6. Begin to travel to New Jersey's Lighthouses, Museums, and Life Saving Stations to experience a living history of service and seafaring!
  7. Once you've attended all of the sites on the challegne, notify volunteers at the lighthouse where you finish that you've accomplished the challenge and you'll be in the drawing for a challenge prize worth $ 1,000.