About - The Challenge

The goal for participants of the Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey is to visit (and hopefully climb) all of New Jersey’s maintained lighthouses to share in the joy and beauty of our beloved navigational aids which represent a rich nautical history and stand as a testament to a level of engineering and quality that withstands the test of time.

An interesting education is to be gained as the tour also includes museums related to the lighthouses as well as life saving stations which served to rescue those who despite the navigational aid of the lighthouses still shipwrecked of off our coastlines.

You will enjoy touring the great state of New Jersey as you work to earn a souvenir at each tour site to show your efforts and accomplishment. Along the way you may even discover a new side of New Jersey as the lighthouses tend to be in less populated, coastal areas which still maintain the charm often lost in the more densely populated areas of our fine state.