The New Jersey Lighthouses and select museums happily announce they are again hosting The Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey weekend on October 18th & 19th, 2014. Visitors may enjoy the opportunity to tour the state and visit each lighthouse over the weekend, and help raise needed funds for the continued preservation of our treasured landmarks.

These majestic beacons have played an important role in New Jersey's history, guarding mariners and protecting our coasts for over a century. Lighthouses serve as a reminder of American ingenuity while honoring the values of safety and heroism. Visit the lighthouses and museums on the Challenge for an opportunity to step back in time and learn more about our state and country's history.

Hours of operation for each lighthouse can be found on lighthouse and museum websites, and at, and Night climbs will be offered as well at Absecon, Cape May, Tinicum, & Tuckerton.

The lighthouses encourage the public to take advantage of this special weekend to financially support and preserve the maritime history of our state as we face the same economic challenges as other sectors of commerce.